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+49 (0) 23 53 / 667 45 61

Dieter Jens

Finding Heads Senior Partner

Tel.: +49 (0) 23 53 / 667 45 61
Mail: hello@findingheads.de

Sector focus

- Trade & distribution
- Industry & building trade
- LEH, food & beverages
- Boards & Managers

Functions at Finding Heads

- Senior Partner


- Headhunting
- Interim Management
- Change Management


Consultant und Partner bei Finding Heads international
3 Jahre CEO und COO Baubranche
8 Jahre Salesdirector, Director Business Development, Channel Director FMCG
12 Jahre Nationaler Projektleiter, Vertriebsleiter, Trademarketing und Marketing Food Industrie

Umsatzverantwortung bis zu 490 Mio Euro
Führungsverantwortung von 380 Mitarbeitern

Weitreichende Kenntnisse in den Bereichen:
- Marketing & Vertrieb
- Change Management
- Business Development
- Reorganisation & Personal

Nationale und internationale Erfahrung in mittelständischen Unternehmen und Konzernen.

Our credo: “Headhunters must have practical experience of the market."

We know: The requirements on a headhunter with Finding Heads and the respective selection process are distinctly more detailed than with many other HR consulting or headhunting firms. We believe that successful headhunting is a mixture of good communication and profound specialized know-how.

The dominating species with us is not the theoretical generalist but the experienced specialist and successful manager. How can you assist a company as advisor if you have never managed a company, a group of companies or a team? This is why only top managers with many years of management experience in industry and the economy work for us; their minimum age is 42 years. Every Finding Heads headhunter has proven himself/herself successfully in the market. Our consultants maintain international contacts and can find the right candidate quickly.