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Authentic headhunting with placement guarantees.

Direct search for upper management and C-levels positions for your company. Interim management, coaching, outplacement and consulting.

For us, every company, every customer and every candidate is unique, individual and different. We always tailor our recruitment work to the respective needs and thus guarantee a 100% success rate. We practice differentiation and see ourselves as a tailormade manufactory in the field of personnel consulting. Direct search headhunting, interim management, outplacement, and coaching are our areas of activity with a large network and partners.

We find brains. Guaranteed!

Direct search with 100% success.

Of course we find your candidates on the market, as head-hunters we have been like hawks for over 25 years - targeted, observant, and focused when it comes to achieving the goal: Not only to find your new employees and managers in upper management and C-levels, but also to fill your open positions. We do not poach, we hunt - for clients internationally in all sorts of industries.



We find candidates and fill your management positions.

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100% from the market

Direct Search

100% candidates from the market - 3rd level management positions to C-level.

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For companies

Interim Manager

Successful interim management and genuine headhunting for over 25 years!

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For candidates


Focus on people – we are coaches and partners for candidates and employees during the change processes.

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We are active in these sectors

  Automotive industry (OEM)
  Automotive supplier
  Financial service provider
  Trade & Distribution
  Industry & Construction
  IT & E-Commerce
  Food & drinks
  Logistics & Transportation
  Aviation & Space travel
  Mechanical & plant engineering
  Marketing & Agencies
  Medicine & Pharma
  Technology & Construction
  Administration & Municipalities


Manage HR Magazine: Top 5 executive search firms in Germany.

In the dynamic and ever-evolving business world, finding world-class leadership talent remains critical to organizational success. The executive search landscape is undergoing profound change.

Rapid digitalization is changing the executive search, with technologies such as AI, big data analytics and machine learning transforming. Finding Heads is therefore constantly adapting its strategies using new technologies, while retaining the human touch and industry expertise.

For over 25 years
Headhunting & consulting for companies in many industries

We are not theorists, but practitioners. Each consultant has extensive expertise, industry knowledge and many years of experience as a top manager or C-level member in international companies or corporations. We know what it is all about, we are well experienced in business. For us, quality and adequate placements are most important, especially in these times.

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The most frequently asked questions

The job market is empty, how can Finding Heads help me?

We are not theorists, but practitioners. Each consultant has extensive expertise, industry knowledge and many years of experience as a top manager or C-level member in international companies or corporations. We know what it is all about, we are well experienced in business. For us, quality and adequate placements are most important, especially in these times.

Why Finding Heads and not our competition?

Headhunting and active recruitment is a fusion of a targeted approach, interpersonal trust and the use of modern communication and analysis tools. For us, the personality of a manager plays a very important role. When it comes to the sensitive topic of identifying candidates for our clients, in our opinion it is not enough to rely exclusively on digital analysis or ad-supported research - Finding Heads offers holistic research with acquisition methods to find exactly the ideal candidate for your vacancies. The goal: to make the candidate accessible to you, as a potential new employer, at short notice. We offer to fill vacancies with candidates we have previously actively and successfully approached within a short period of time and introduce you to the ideal candidates. We place specialists and managers on an international basis.

Difference between head-hunter and personal consultants?

Authentic head-hunters work with the customer to create the desired qualification and personality profile of the candidate the client wants to recruit. The head-hunter then creates a qualified profile of the candidate with the required background and qualifications. Those kinds of candidates are then identified in the market. A discreet, targeted approach is the head-hunter’s top priority. If a potential candidate has expressed interest, the technical and then the human qualifications are checked in a personal interview.

In contrast to this: many personnel service providers and personnel consultancies often work with the customer to create an advertisement text for the position to be filled. On behalf of the clients, the corresponding advertisements are then published in various online platforms, print media, daily newspapers, etc. In many cases, the personnel service provider waits and hopes that a candidate with a corresponding profile will respond to the job advertisement.

What exactly is headhunting and direct search?

The increasing need for specialists and managers and the lack of qualified applicants require the use of professional search methods. Traditional head-hunters usually have a good network which can be used. But Finding Heads has more options through the combination of proven and modern methods. Active and passive candidates are addressed equally and you as a client will benefit.

Finding Heads has been offering the “Direct Search” method, from the 1st to 3rd management level, since the end of the 1990s. Finding Heads guarantees for a comprehensive, high-quality, and active search and we can present our customers suitable candidates within the short notice.

Time is pressing, how much time do you have to invest?

Don't waste time - fill vacancies with suitable applicants at short notice with Finding Heads. If you work with us, we can usually present the first suitable candidates within only a few weeks. Alternatively, we also offer interim management services - if things are urgent.

Can I apply for a job at Finding Heads?

Feel free to apply as a candidate using the online forms available - we see ourselves as advocates for candidates and applicants. If you like, we coach our candidates, we are focused on your interests. Our DNA is called humanity – that is what makes us different. Finding Heads Executive Search International - for employers AND employees.  Learn more

What kind of coaching does Finding Heads offer?

It is important to have a coach and partner at your side in certain professional situations and phases of life. Coaching is an interactive and goal-oriented process. To carry out a coaching process successfully, there should be a willingness to change, openness and voluntariness. The reason for coaching can be the assumption of a new management function, a profound change in the company or the clever and strategic management of the own resources of already established managers.  Learn more

Headhunting with a placement guarantee
Headhunting with a placement guarantee

Finding Heads places specialists and managers worldwide. We search for candidates for German and international clients being able to fulfil our customers demands.

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