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Intensive advisory service by coaches for employees leaving a company.

When a company must separate from an important employee, this often leads to a conflict. Outplacement can be a solution. Your employee will be supported by a professional coach in repositioning and looking for a new job. Finding Heads Outplacement means: A professional coach on behalf of the old employer helps the departing client to find a new employer. The advice includes, among other things, determining your position, developing a self-marketing strategy and support with the new application process.
External placement/outplacement is often being used for departing top managers and other executives. The costs for the outplacement process is usually taken over by the former employer. In this way, an amicable separation can be achieved between both parties, which goes beyond a mere severance payment.

Benefits for the company

  • The separation can be amicable. Dramatic departures that dampen the mood in the company are prevented.
  • Suboptimal solutions are avoided. The employee does not have to be sidelined or have decision-making powers taken away from him.
  • The employee works seriously until the end, instead of mentally saying goodbye or even torpedoing processes.
  • There is no possible damage to the external image. On the contrary, the integrity of the company increases in the eyes of business partners.
  • New applicants are shown that management is interested in fair treatment. This increases the attractiveness of the company, especially in times of skilled labor shortages.
  • The remaining employees feel that the company cares. This creates trust and loyalty for the future.
  • Severance payments can often be lower because the company already covers the costs of the outplacement process.

Benefits for employees

  • Employees are able to find a new job quickly. According to the Federal Association of German Management Consultants, 69 percent of all outplacement participants are placed after just 6 months or less.
  • The emotional processing of the separation is easier to manage with the support of a coach.
  • Outplacement helps the client gain clarity about their life situation, wishes and goals. It therefore acts as a mental "reset".
  • The outplacement consultant shows the employee new professional development opportunities and areas of activity.
  • The employee learns new skills, such as presentation techniques, negotiation tactics and body language know-how.
  • The employee`s previous application documents are optimized and supplemented with important letters of recommendation.
  • The employee receives access to the outplacement consultant´s network if the consultant also works as a head-hunter for companies, he may be able to initiate direct placement.



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In the dynamic and ever-evolving business world, finding world-class leadership talent remains critical to organizational success. The executive search landscape is undergoing profound change.

Rapid digitalization is changing the executive search, with technologies such as AI, big data analytics and machine learning transforming. Finding Heads is therefore constantly adapting its strategies using new technologies, while retaining the human touch and industry expertise.

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We are not theorists, but practitioners. Each consultant has extensive expertise, industry knowledge and many years of experience as a top manager or C-level member in international companies or corporations. We know what it is all about, we are well experienced in business. For us, quality and adequate placements are most important, especially in these times.

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